Why Gold Is Used For Making Jewelry?

Going to buy some precious jewelry to wear on an event or to gift someone special? If so, nothing is more valuable and beautiful than gold. Gold, the most popular and demanded metal have a significance in the world of jewelry and ornaments.

Gold is used to make jewelry because of its rare and attractive properties. Gold is known for its unique beauty of luster and resistance towards tarnishing and corrosion.

Top Reasons Why Gold is Used for Making Jewelry

Below are some reasons which make gold popular for jewelry making:

1. Easy to Manufacture

Gold has a low melting point because of which it can easily be melted and created in the intensely detailed designs. Every creative design was made with gold in ancient times. 24 karat pure gold is too soft, so it has to be alloyed with other metals. Alloys have to be of 16 to 18 karat.

2. Attractive Varieties

In the purest form, gold has a bright yellow shade. The warm hue and its unique dense color make it more beautiful and eye-catching. It can be found in many other colors after being alloyed with different metals, such as white gold, rose gold, black gold, green gold, grey gold, and blue gold etc.

Keep in mind that the natural and popular colors are gained by the differences in purity values of gold. It means the lower the karat, the denser the yellow color.

3. Malleable and Ductile Nature

Malleable: Gold is malleable that makes it reliable for any design. It can be beaten too hot on thin sheets.

Ductile: Its ductile nature makes it flexible. It is easy to stretch gold into thin and long wires as we can see in earrings.

4. Non-Reactive Metal

Gold is the most non-reactive and non-corrosive among other metals. It doesn’t easily tarnish. It has not plated itself instead; gold is used to be plated on other metals which may tarnish. Gold shines for years and none of the natural or acidic changes affects it.

5. Non-Allergic Nature

Gold is safe and pure as it has lower impurity levels. It prevents allergies and is reliable to wear for everyone.

Highly Priced And Easy to Redesign

Some Other Reasons for Using Gold for Jewelry Making

Ageless Beauty

Gold never gets old, it will remain unique and beautiful for years without getting out of trends.

The Purity of Gold

Pure gold can’t have a lot of impurities, however, experts know to add up some more. Pure gold can be used as it is too soft. Pure gold is of 24 karats. It has to be alloyed with other required metals.

Creative Designs

Any detailed design can be made with gold. Gold jewelry had beautiful antique designs in ancient times as well. You can get any of your imaginations on your gold jewelry including names, alphabets, memorable designs and others.


The demand for gold as jewelry is increasing day by day all across the world. It has been using for making jewelry for thousands of years. About 75% of gold worldwide is used for jewelry making every year.

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