What Type Of Oil Do Motorcycles Use?

Engine oil of motorcycle is very important. It helps in lubricating the engine and prevents excess friction and also reduces the wear. It helps cool down the engine of your motorcycle. Quality oil helps to keep corrosion away.

There are many benefits to motor oil. But what type of oil does your motorcycle uses? Below are three main types of motorcycles oil:

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Mineral Oil

It is the type of oil that is obtained from crude oil. Crude oil is further purified and processed to get mineral oil. This oil has been used for many years and is still in use. It is very affordable and is in high demand.

But due to the impurity in it, using it for a long time in an extreme condition will damage the engine. It is used by motorcycles companies for the runtime. Doing so will help in warming up the parts and after the runtime is completed, other oils are used.

Semi-Synthetic Oil

It is a combined mixture of mineral and synthetic oil. Normally synthetic oil is expensive but the biggest advantage of using semi-synthetic oil is that you get all the benefits of synthetic oil at a low price. It is used by motorcycles for a normal everyday drive. It gives high resistance from heat and friction.

Full Synthetic Oil

This is the best oil used for the high maintenance of the engines of motorcycles. It is made of molecules that are designed to provide the best lubrication. It provides advanced lubrication. This prevents the engine from any friction damage. It is for the type of motorcycle riders that live in very cold or very hot areas.

Engine Grading System

There is a grading system that helps you to decide which type of oil will be most suitable for your motorcycle. Every motorcycle engine oil has a grading number mentioned such as 5W38 10W40 and etc. The number before meaning the lowest temperature and the number after it represents the highest number at which the oil best perform and does not loses its viscosity. If the temperature goes beyond the limits, the oil will not remain viscous and its ability to lubricate will also reduce significantly.

Which Oil To Choose?

Now the main question is; what oil should you choose? The answer is obviously the type of car for that you want to use it. Also, the motorcycle engine oils that we use different types of lubrication such as:

  • Hydrodynamic Lubrication
  • Mixed lubrication
  • Boundary lubrication

In conclusion, using the right oil will help to increase your auto engine life. A healthy working engine uses fuel in an efficient way.

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