What Color Car Gets Hit The Most?

When you are looking for a car to buy, you do research about different things such as the engine, the car brand, and other inner and outer important features. You make sure that you are buying a car that gives you maximum benefits and lowers the costs, you must take a look at the car buying checklist. But have you ever decided to choose the color of your car as it is said that car colors might be a reason of getting accidents?

Studies have shown that there are certain colors of cars that hit the most. Before talking about the dangerous colors, we will let you know about the safest colors that you can choose.


White is considered a safe color for your car and many people opt for it while buying a car. The reason for choosing it is that the white car can be easily spotted on a black road. Even if the weather is not fine, you will still be able to spot a white car. And in this way, the risks of car accidents are reduced.


Have you ever wondered why there are so many yellow colored taxis, especially the famous New York taxis? Well, there is a reason for the use of this color cars. The yellow color is very bright and easily distinguished on busy roads. And if the weather is harsh such as raining or fog, the yellow car is easily seen.


A lot of people these days are choosing a silver color for their private cars. The silver color is very attractive and also a safer one as compared to some other popular colors. It is bright and visible just like the white but there is one drawback. It can sometimes get mixed with other things during raining, which makes it a bit vulnerable to accidents but apart from that, it is very safe.

Now we get into the discussion of those colors that increase the chances of getting in an accident.


Black car

According to a study, black cars are most likely to get in accidents. The percentage at the night time accidents is as high as 47% and during the daytime, it is 12%. This stats makes it the most dangerous color in terms of road safety. The reason is that the road is black and the same is the car color. So, at the time of driving, the black color gets mixed in with the road and causes many accidents.


It is very similar to black, therefore, it is more prone to car accidents. The color of the car does not look different from the road color and it becomes very hard to spot during night time. Because of these reasons, gray-colored cars have more chances of getting accidents.

Lastly, having knowledge about the colors of cars is only a single reason out of the many other reasons for a car crash. You must agree with me that the automobile impact American society. But it should be wise to choose the color according to the area you live in so that the risks of car accidents can be reduced significantly.

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