My Pinky Toe Hurts When I Wear Shoes

In this article, I am going to tell you a personal story in which you will know how to protect your toes from getting hurt because of the shoes you wear. When I used to wear my favorite shoes one day, I found out that whenever I was walking, my Pinky toe was hurting, and I was wondering for what was the problem in my shoes that were encountering that problem. So, after observing this matter deeply, I knew about some things that need to be considered while getting shoes. Now, I am going to share these things with you so that you can keep your pinky toe safe when wearing shoes.

Check the Size

The major and prime reason for hurting the Pinky toe would be that the size of the shoes you are wearing is not according to the feet you have. Some of the people buy the shoes without much research or much timing during the shopping and eventually get the shoes which are not according to their requirements and the feet size they have. You should know that you are paying money for the shoes and you should take your time and find the shoe which is according to the design you love and also the size should be according to the feet you have in order to keep yourself away from any problem in the future.

It Might Be the Material

Some of the times, the problem with shoes is not related to the size of the shoes, but it is because of the material the shoes has. You should know that some of the materials are very hard and when the shoes are made from those materials, it eventually hurts your pinky toe whenever you wear it. But keep in mind that it is not going to be hurting you for a longer time. Whenever you adjust to the shoes, the Pinky toe will stop hurting.

Think Comfort over Design

Many people buy the wrong Shoes when they consider design over comfort. Sometimes, people think that if they will buy good design shoes then they will be able to adjust to the size of the shoes. But, it is not like that. You should not give priority to the shoe design but first you should think about the comfort going to be for you when you wear that. You can try to get the good design along with the comfort, but sometimes it might be difficult that you will be able to get the design of your choice and the comfort according to your feet.

What You Should Do While Buying Shoes?

  • Try to find a good shop that is selling the shoes of a good brand.
  • Ask them the design and size of the shoes which will be according to your choice and feet size.
  • If the shoes are expensive but according to your requirements, you can buy that without any hesitation.
  • As I have told you before, you should try to find the shoes which are comfortable for your feet even if the design is not topnotch.


I hope in this article, you have got enough information that why the Pinky toe of your feet gets hurt and what are the precautions or preventions you can do to ensure that your feet are comfortable while you are wearing the shoes and your feet are working nicely without any pain.

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