Investing In Diamonds Vs Gold

Diamonds, gold, and platinum are valuable rudiments that constantly remind people of jewelry and other precious valuables. Gold jewelry was chosen some years back. Now the diamond has come to replace an important place, though the consumption patterns differ widely. Jewelry is considered as a symbol of the economic well-being of the owner.

History Of Valuable Jewelry Metals

Ever since the birth of civilization, women have shown a preference towards beautifying themselves. In the early era, they used various kinds of stones for the same purpose. This can be clearly perceived from the carvings on the walls of many older civilizations that were mined over a period. However, with the development of mankind and their increasing social esteem needs, jewelry made up of precious metals like gold and silver came into being.

The Difference In The Methods Of Gold And Diamond

The methods involve the varying creation of diamond and gold. Diamond is shaped when carbon is exposed to high pressure under the surface of the earth. The gold is found as an ore in a natural way. The processing of both takes a different amount of efforts and maybe that explains the important variances in their cost.

Most people love diamond and gold jewelry. After all, it is beautiful and useful, and it is impressive to others, as well. Women naturally are usually enthusiasts about diamonds, which is why the diamond engagement ring is so popular and flourishing nowadays. Comparing the two in terms of a ring, watch, necklaces or earrings, there will be a winning combination.

Though it looks good, you want to spend a huge of money on it. So, you want to be sure that it is a good long-term investment or not?

Benefits Of Gold Over Diamond

Gold is generally a better option for making long-term investments than diamonds. That is because it is a commonly known means of cash. Gold simply has a classic, elegant look that anyone can appreciate. Even if cash is undervalued in any country or all over the world, you’ll still be able to buy and sell goods using gold as a medium of exchange.
To make sure that you get the best out of the gold, ensure that it is 18 karats minimum, though 24 karat gold is great because of its purity and originality. Gold lower than 18 karats is not valuable and cannot be traded in the open market.

Why Diamonds Are Of Low Worth?

Diamonds are mainly for showing off and have very little worth in cash terms. Even when you sell them to a jewelry shop after you’ve worn them, you’ll find that you’re going in a loss.

Furthermore, most diamonds in the world are excavated in countries where the mineworkers are given slave labor charges. These diamonds are usually known as blood diamonds because of all the miners who get killed in the excavating it from mines.

What To Select Between The Two?

Coming to diamond and gold jewelry, the investor can definitely mix them both. But as far as the original value of the investment and virtuous nature is concerned, gold is the best choice. You should consider it if you are searching for an investment in which you are guaranteed, safe, and proud of.

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