How Long Should You Keep Your Car

The simplest answer to this question is when you have enough money to purchase a new car. Some wise people always set aside a portion of money in their car replacement account for buying the next new one. As they neither have to pay the cash at lump sum nor have to take the loan for their new car.

Well, there is no hard and fast rule to measure or detect what is the best time to replace your car. But certainly, there are few indicators which will let you know that how long you should keep your car.

When You Think Maintenance Cost Is Increasing

You do not want your car to be kaput in the middle of the road on your way to your job. On the other hand, you have to spend a huge amount every month to keep your car running. When you think the running expenses of the car have increased, you need to replace your car. And you can realize the impact of the automobile on American society.

A Trade-Off Between The Market Value Of The Car And Its Repair

It is generally observed that sometimes we have to spend a heavy amount of money on the repair of the car but when actually the market value of the car is less than its repair. This may indicate that you have enough of that car and you need to change it before it becomes worst for you.

A Basic thought Behind The Life Of A Car

Modern cars are nowadays built to last for not less than seven years without any major problem. Usually, this is the time when the warranty for a new car expires. But you can extend it up to your thinking.

When The Required Mileage Is Met

You should keep your car as long as it gives you the desired level of mileage. As soon as it starts dropping, it’s time to change the vehicle and shift to a better one that will give you better mileage and save your money.

When The Desire For The Brand New Model Car Becomes Immanent

Some people have this habit of always changing their cars. The main reason behind replacing the car is the attraction towards the brand new model of either the same series or may be different. So, when the desire becomes restless, better to change the car.

You Need It Seldom

You need to keep your car as long as you keep using it. When you think that your car may be parked in your garage then it is better to sell it rather than keeping it for deterioration. And you can use public transport until you buy a new one. As with every passing day, the value of your car will be losing and you do not want to face the loss.

So, it is always better to keep your old car going rather than replacing it with a new one. On the other hand, you may well have a kind of necessary affiliation with your car and do not dismiss it as once you sold your car it is most likely that you would not get it back.

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