How Can You Tell If Something Is Real Gold

Are you wondering what your gold jewelry is real or not? No worries, I am here to tell you the best ways to get it to know. The most dependable way to determine the real gold is to take it into a qualified realtor and get it examined.

Nevertheless, there are some other methods that you can use to tell if something is real gold.

Gold Checking Methods:

If you like to check it by yourself, here is a listing of tests you can try. By doing so, you’ll be able to get to know easily if your gold is real.

Method 1 (Inspection By Visuals)

Inspect The Item For Official Markings:

A postage stamp will signal very clearly that gold is fake or real.

  • A magnifying glass will make the stamp more visible.
  • An elderly piece has no marking or stamp because it is worn out.
  • Sometimes more testing is required.

Search For Discoloration:

Discoloration is another visual method that gives an instant message about gold being fake:

  • When the gold appears to be wearing off and it shows another sort of metal under it will give the idea, gold is not real.

Method 2 (Bite Test)

A bite test is another method to identify that gold is real or not. So, you can also try it out! Bite your jewelry piece and confirm its originality.

Analyze Your Gold For Almost Any Markings:

Actual gold will reveal indents from the deeper teeth markings. It will signify purer gold.

This is really not a recommended evaluation as it can damage your teeth and your piece of jewelry too. Keep in mind that a gold-plated piece will seem to be golden once you bite it.

Method 3 (Magnet Method)

This is another simple test, an approach to make it sure either your gold is real or not.

Hold Up A Magnet To The Merchandise:

Gold isn’t a magnetic alloy. So, in case it pulls, or sticks to the magnet, it is fake. But simply because it does not respond to the magnet, it does not mean it’s actually fake.

Method 4 (Density Method)

The Greater The Density, The Purer The Gold

There are hardly any metals thicker than gold in density. The grade of pure gold is a lot greater compared to most of the other metals.

Assessing the density of your products will be helpful for you in order to figure out whether your gold is real or not.

Check the Weight of Your Gold:

Weighing gold is a good method. There is a lot of difference in the weights of real and fake gold. So, weigh it up. A shopper can normally do it free of charge if you do not have your own scale.

Use A Vial:

If you use vial, the water level will grow as soon as you dip the gold within it. It will indicate that gold is real.

Gold weighs 38 g plus it exfoliates two milliliters of water. So, if you use the mass formula, you will get a result of 19 g/ml that is quite close to the density of gold.


Above are some of the best methods that tell you about the originality of your gold jewelry. So, go for any of these and eliminate all stress regarding your gold jewelry.

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