History Of Public Transportation In America

America is a state which many of the people idealizes. The grandeur of all the development and success in technology owes to America. This all glory has some past. Everything initiated from ground level such as transportation.

We will discuss the initiative history of American Public transport to see the drastic changes it has gone through.

Public Transportation in America

Previously, when people were not accustomed to walking long distances, or they do not have their own horses, ultimately the use of public transport was the only option for them to travel from one place to the other. Public transport is composed of many different methods of transport readily available to the public like:

  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Streetcars

Horse Packs & Ferries (First Public Transport)

As early as in 17th century, the very first public transport system was put up in Boston in the USA and the system consisted of ferries and horse packs.

After the Americans grew in numbers in the 18th & also in the 19th century, traveling in Ferries had almost become inconvenient.

Omni Buses (18th Century)

From the 1820s, one of the state in the USA named New York City introduced a method of omnibuses along with horse packs.

An omnibus used to be a little knob which could carry around fifteen individuals, while horse packs were bigger carriages which were hauled along iron paths by horses.

The Downfall of Omni Buses

Back in 1872, an epidemic of horse influenza in the same city named as New York killed a lot of those draft animals. It convinced most people that simply relying upon a single kind of transport could cause disaster. So, some other methods have to be adopted.

Cable Cars & Trolleys

Adhering to the horse influenza epidemic, new technologies have been developed that permitted for new kinds of public transport.

Two of the most recent and frequent modes of travel were the trolleys and cable cars which can be lease starting from the early 20th century and including some later part of the 19th century. Both of those depended on carriages that conducted across paths in the road and were driven by steam and lately by power.

High-Speed Subways

With the expansion of cities, transportation sector became vital. The members of expanding middle class that was living in suburbs needed some sort of quick transport.

This caused an explosion of invention and lots of new types of transport have been employed in many cities in America.

The underground subways system was one of a high-speed mode of travel which used to run on power. The very first train system in the USA was made in Boston in the year 1887. The notion has been immediately picked up from other cities such as New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

Electric Street Cars

The electric streetcar became a frequent form of transport in 1900. These trolleys conducted on metal paths built into roads.

Shortly, however, people started to push their own automobiles.

The Era of 1930

By 1930, over half of the households in America owned a car. For many, an automobile became a necessity, not just a costly toy.

Changes with Transportation

Along with automobiles, some changes become evident. Gas stations, tire shops, and repair facilities started to appear.

A lot of people took to the street for individual travel or to find work. The open highway came to signify independence and liberty.

Final Words

From one wheel and horse carts to bullet trains, the transportation of the USA is to the next level with most desired facilities.

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