Checklist For Buying A Used Car From A Private Seller

Whenever you are planning to buy a car, you need to make sure that it is fully functioning. When you are buying from a dealer or company, you can be assured that the car is new and has no flaws. But when buying a used car from a private seller, you need to check a number of things prior to making sure that you get a fully functioning car with no big problem.

Here’s a checklist for buying a used car from a private seller:


The first thing you need to check is the engine. Make sure it has no leaks. Look underneath the car for any sort of leakage. If it has sludge under it. It means that it has some sort of leakage. A fully functioning will not have any sort of leaks.


The next most important thing is the oil. You need to make sure the oil is at the required level and not under it. Also, check the color of the oil and consistency as well. Anything wrong with it usually means that the car is poorly maintained.

Check The Exhaust Smoke Colors

Turn the engine on and go to the backside of the car and observe the color of the smoke. The color usually tells if there is any problem with the car.

  • Blue: It means the car engine is burning excess oil that is getting in the cylinders. It usually indicates blown gaskets or internal engine seals problems.
  • White: Excessive white smoke means head gasket problem.
  • Black: If it is giving out black smoke, it means that the engine is burning to much fuel.

If you see anything odd with the exhaust smoke, then get it fixed by an expert.

Head Gasket

Also known as the engine block or the cylinder head. It is very thin. Its main task is to prevent any oil from entering the car engine’s cylinders. If it is damaged, it disturbs the smoke exhaust, the engine will give out rough sounds and ultimately the engine will fail. So don’t compromise on the Head gasket at all.


Use all the gears of the car. If all of them are functioning smoothly, it means your good to go. And if they are not working, it means you need to have second thoughts about buying that car.


It is a very important part of the car. It stops the engine without damaging it. So check the clutch of the car before purchasing it. Make sure that it works smoothly.

Other Parts

Check the quality of the tyres. Try to check if the tyres are in good quality because purchasing a new one can be expensive. Check the car warning lights and all the other electronics.


Last but certainly not the least. The car or school bus documentation will tell you everything you need to know about the car. It will tell you about its history and about all the parts that are fitted in it.

Once all these things are cleared. You will be able to buy a car without any worry.

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