How Did The Automobile Impact On American Society

History of Automobiles

The invention of the first automobiles in the 20th century was undoubtedly one of the incidents that changed everyone’s life on Earth. The first American car was invented and sold in 1903 by Henry Ford. Before the creation of automobiles, transport was considered as the major problem for everyone and people found it difficult to travel long distances. People used to depend on horses to travel on long journeys. Horses are considered as unpredictable and time-consuming means of transport, as they could easily get exhausted before the end of the journey.

Importance of Automobiles

Automobiles are usually used for the conveyance of human beings, animals, and goods from one place to another. Not just this, but the car is much more than a means of traveling from one place to another whether you buy a car, loan, or mortgage. The impact of automobiles on American life especially is widely observed. Cars and other automobiles are designed mainly for college students and teachers. Not just students and teachers use automobiles but it is also used by the general public, who find it of their interest.

Impact of Automobiles on American Society

  • The first major effect that automobiles had on American society was the enhancement of the transport system. Traveling from New York to Washington D.C. could take a week, but after the introduction of the automobiles, that time consumed was reduced. A student who is studying in New York could easily and quickly go to Washington D.C. In order to spend their vacations with their family and then drive back to college in a short time of seven to eight hours.

This means that if the student did not stop on the way, it would take only three to four hours to drive to Washington D.C. This includes spending some time with their family and then driving back to New York in three to four hours.

  • Besides that, many jobs have been generated, starting from road construction, car mechanics, to proficient driving.
  • The American automobile culture has been shown in songs, poetry, films, and literature. It has become a part of American’s daily life.
  • Automobiles have also enriched the education and health sectors in America. A victim at an accident can be saved immediately without any from dying by paramedics.

Automobiles Benefitted the Economy of America

Automobiles have also enhanced the economy of America. The rate at which goods and services are conducted mainly governs the GDP of America. In modern American society, the use of automobiles to transport all kinds of merchandises from one area to another is extensively active. Traders can negotiate most parts of the area within a short time in search of markets for their commodities. This is made possible after having the consideration of automobiles.

Influence of Automobiles on Social Life

Automobiles have also enhanced the social life of Americans in general. A person can visit a friend living far away as many times as they want. A group of teenage people from New Orleans can attend the live football match in Arizona and applaud their team by attending it. This is all made possible in reduced time with the ease of Automobiles.

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