Are Diamonds A Good Investment Today And The Future?

Diamond is one of the most sought-after gems. It is loved by the ladies all across the world. This beautiful stone has been considered a sign of love and marriage for centuries. Recently, this gemstone has begun to draw the attention of rich investors. These investors are planning to use diamond as a commodity investment. They believe that diamond has the potential to earn them high returns. But is that true? Find out in this article.

Value of diamond

According to our research, the value of pink diamonds has increased by 388 percent in the last decade. However, during the same period of time FTSE 100 index of companies has increased only 10 percent from where it was 10 years ago.

The Most Valuable Diamond Ever Sold

Recently, pink star set a new record by becoming the most valuable diamond ever sold. This gemstone was sold at Sotheby’s auction at the price of$71 million (£55 million). Formerly, it was thought that the diamonds are just for the filthy rich investor. That’s not true. Anyone willing to invest in diamonds can do so by doing his proper research. However, he will need to decide carefully.

Colored Diamonds

Majority of the people are only familiar with the white colored diamonds. If you are one of them then it might surprise you that diamonds are available in a variety of different colors. These colored diamonds have begun to attract the experts lately. This tint in diamond often appears due to the presence of some impurity. The price of these colored gemstones varies according to their rarity.

Diamonds Expected To Become the New Alternative Form of Investment

According to the founder of the online diamond retailer, 77 Diamonds, Tobias Kormind diamonds are expected to become the new form of alternative investment after wine and art. Unlike wine and art, diamonds can be carried from one place to another and their worth doesn’t decrease.

Investing In Diamond

There is a misconception among people that purchasing a diamond ring can be a great form of investment and life insurance. Diamonds used to be very rare around late 1800. However, with the discovery of sizable sources of diamonds in the mid-20th century this exquisite gemstone has become more common. The reason behind stability in the price of a diamond is that all the mines of diamonds are purchased by DeBeers. This domination is what has kept the price of diamond high.

Why Is Diamond a Good lifetime Investment?

Many people believe that diamonds are depreciating Assets. Therefore, you should not spend your savings planning to invest in diamonds. However, these are not. Diamonds are the sturdiest element on this planet. This means that they are immune to environmental wear and tear. This is what makes diamonds one of the best long term investments that never lose value.

Problem With Gold And Silver

Gold and silver are other great forms of investment. However, they hold lesser value as compared to diamond. These metals can be mold into coins but their value fluctuates with time. That’s not the case with diamond. Diamond doesn’t lose its value and that’s what makes it a great lifetime experience.

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